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What is  SharkBros?

SharkBros is a brand backed by a collection of 10,000 randomly generated non-fungible tokens on the Solana ecosystem. SharkBro NFTs are based on seven distinct attributes: background, skin, head, mouth, neck, body, and eyes. Altogether, at launch, there will be nearly 350 individual traits with a possibility of over 1 trillion combinations. SharkBros offers incentives for users to hold and register a SharkBro NFT and will continue to add more as we grow.


What is the minting price?

SharkBros will launch Oct 21st, 7pm EST and will have a mint price of 0.9 Solana and a 5% royalty fee on resales on all secondary markets. SharkBros is pledging 2.5% of initial mint sales, 2.5 of the 5% of resale royalties in perpetuity, and 2.5% of net profits in perpetuity towards the Community Fund.


What are the benefits?

  • 20% discount across all products on our website

  • Voting privileges on the Community Fund (will potentially turn into a DAO, details in FAQ).

  • Voting privileges on the Creators Collaboration Project designs (details in FAQ).

  • Free access to all venues / meet & greets hosted by SharkBros.

  • Private Discord/Telegram channel with the team.

  • Limited edition / free merch.

  • Priority for Creators Collaboration Project.

  • Artwork created via both the Creators Collaboration Project and Sylr as airdrops. 1 SharkBro represents 1 entry for the lottery. We are improving the workflow for this and plan to airdrop multiple times a day in the near future.


Community Collaboration Project

SharkBros has also begun the Community Collaboration Project with the below workflow:

  1. Creators in our community reach out to us with their cool logos / designs / artwork.

  2. Sylr will incorporate those into our sharks, or we will use the design as is.

  3. We launch a limited edition collection of NFTs with this design.

  4. We hand one to the creator and airdrop the rest in various fun ways to random SharkBro holders and people in the creator's community.

  5. We promote the design on all our social media platforms and tag the creator with a story.

  6. Creator has potential to open a product line with us and receive 25% of profits from all products sold using their designs in our creators store (we pay for marketing / customer service / manufacturing / distribution on our own budget). 


About the team


TonyCodes is a 28-year-old software engineer who has been working on risk management / trading systems since his HSBC internship during his last two years at Stony Brook University. He has always been interested in cryptocurrency and even owned some Bitcoin when they were roughly 1 dollar each. His main interest on the project is the artwork and growing out the brand. He is quitting his day job to focus full time on SharkBros.


CryptoJake is a 27-year-old Stony Brook graduate with a Math & Economics degree. He spent 4 years playing poker professionally while digesting as much cryptocurrency content as he possibly could. He quit poker to focus on NFTs and is now a full-time NFT connoisseur. His main interest on the project is growing the utility of the NFTs that are the backbone of the project.


Quoted from him directly: "“Sylr has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. From dragons and tanks to still life andlandscapes: he’s drawn just about everything. Now, the world of NFT has opened up andhe’s taking it by storm. Late nights, lots of coffee, synthwave, and metal; he’s burning thenoon day and midnight oils to bring you some of the best NFT artwork out there.”





Why on Solana?

SharkBros care about the environment. NFTs launched on Ethereum consume an extraordinary amount of gas which we find to be very inefficient. Solana provides the ability to have instant, secure, and near-free transactions.

When will it be ready for minting?

SharkBros are scheduled to be minted on October 21st, 2021, at 7pm EST. Make sure you have Solana loaded up in your phantom/sollet wallet prior to the launch. Refresh the page exactly at 7pm EST to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a SharkBro.

How much will it cost to mint one and will there be a limit?

Each SharkBro has a mint price of 0.9 Solana. Every transaction will be limited to 2 SharkBros, but you are free to make as many transactions as you want.

What makes SharkBros different from any other NFT?

Our mission is to become a bigger brand that is adaptable for all. Being a brand backed by NFTs allows for a more direct interaction with our holders and allows us to give them benefits. We also think our artwork are some of the nicest out there!

Will there be a royalty on SharkBros?

Yes. All sales on secondary marketplaces will have a 5% royalty fee. 2.5 out of the 5% of the royalty fee will be sent to the Community Fund Wallet. The remainder will be split between the team and the artist.

How do I buy a SharkBros NFT?

  1. Download or wallet on Brave/Chrome/Firefox browser on a desktop
  2. Set up your wallet and make sure to keep your passphrase in a safe place
  3. Buy Solana on Coinbase/Binance/FTX or using our processor.
  4. Withdraw Solana from your exchange to your Phantom/Sollet wallet
  5. Go to on October 20th at 7pm, and click on the "Mint" page on the top right
  6. Connect your wallet, choose either 1 or 2 SharkBros, and then click "mint"

What happened to the Royalty Program?

• Brett Harrison, CEO of, told us: “any project which guarantees to token holders income distribution based on the sales of the project would be considered a security.” FTX is not accepting any NFTs that offer royalties onto their platform.
• Based on this information and a rapidly changing regulatory framework for NFTs, we will hold off on implementing a royalty program. We don’t want to go public or raise investment in the future and will always be conscious to legally incentivize holding and registering a SharkBro NFT with us.

What will the Community Fund be used for?

- Buying SharkBros off the marketplace and hosting giveaways to SharkBros holders only. The more SharkBros in your wallet, the higher your chance of winning. You will only be eligible if your SharkBro is not listed on a secondary market and is registered with us.
- Creating artwork that will be unique 1/1 NFTs airdropped exclusively to registered SharkBros holders.
- Throwing events and meet & greets with free merch voted on by our community - More to come!

Will there be a pre-sale?

There is no pre-sale. It’s fair game for all on Oct 21st at 7pm.

What is the benefit of owning a SharkBro NFT?

- 20% discount across all products on our website - Voting privileges on the Community Fund (more details in FAQ) - Free access to all venues / meet & greets that SharkBros hosts - Private Discord/Telegram channel with the team - Limited edition / free merch - Unique 1/1s by Sylr airdropped during Shark Week and holidays every year



SharkBros will donate 1% of total proceeds to the charities listed below. We will also donate to more charities that the community thinks is more deserving. Please let us know if you have any other charities in mind worth contributing to!





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The Ocean Cleanup

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Sea Shepherd 


Ocean Conservancy